Drink ‘Er Down: Quincy’s (2047 N West)

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Bar, Patio, West Wichita
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Jeanette decided this blog was more stuffed than schwasted and we needed to remedy it. So on the most sacred of all days, 9/02/10, we headed to Quincy’s. Mostly to drink at will. But also to have a drink for the lameness that is 90210, especially Brandon Walsh. We spent the night drinking Bud Light draws on special (it was a Thursday), and had a Sex on the Beach shot, because that’s something lame B-Walsh would do on the beach. With a girl who’s maybe married, or crazy, or racist. You know, the typical types Brandon kisses. Badly.

Mmmmmm…. Beer!

Alright, Quincy’s. I like this bar. There’s something for everyone. TVs for your viewing pleasure, or karaoke on the right nights. Pool tables, pub tables, booths, and even a legit patio! The service is friendly, and is closer to a small town bar than an uppity “I’m bringing you drinks only so you’ll tip me” atmosphere. Luckily for us, Jeanette knew our waitress. But Jeanette knows everyone.

We sat inside for awhile, then realized we were wasting the first cool night of the “summer” inside, and headed for the patio. This trip was several weeks ago. That day where it was over 90 degrees at 2:00, and then less than 70 before 7PM. I think when we were patio relaxing, it was 65 degrees. And Jeanette was in a sweatshirt. Oh, how I love fall weather!

If you’ve never been to Quincy’s you should go. It’s a fun, chill place to throw a few back. And the bathrooms are clean!

A little Sex on the Beach. It wasn’t as sweet as we expected. But neither is sand in your crotch.

  1. Kim says:

    hahahaha, nice! But neither is sand in your crotch.. Love it!

  2. Jeanette says:

    I say our next destination should beeee….the Vagabond, mostly because I girl I work with bartends there…or, Harry’s. The drinks are pretty stiff so I hear. But are they as stiff as Whiskey Dicks? Ponder that!

  3. Stumbled upon your website tonight & have read lots of reviews to places that I have never been to in all the years I have lived here (30 out of 31)! This one I have been too however & you should totally go on steak night which is Wednesday night! Unfortunately the last time we went there was only one stall working in the women’s bathroom, no toilet paper and it was a mess!!! However it was a Saturday night & they were hopping!!! KAROKE!!!

    Love this blog! Gonna share it with my friends!!! :-)

    • Kelly says:

      I’ll add that to places I need to get to! I’ve been to Quincy’s several times but think I’ve only eaten there once. I usually assume bars have only bar food, but it seems more and more bars are branching out to serving some of the better food in Wichita. For example, I love Whiskey Dick’s food. I was in Carrie B’s not too long ago and they seemed to have a loyal following eating what smelled like delicious BBQ. And Mulligan’s/Dudley’s has some of the best pizza in Wichita. I should make a page of “Bars That Serve More Than Bar Food!” Because those are the best places to watch games or have a long day of drinking! ;-)

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