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This recipe is brought to you by my mom. Well, inspired by my mom. I was starving at my parents’ house on Friday and she said she had stromboli in the fridge. My first thought was it was a pasta dish. But, it’s not! It’s like a pizza roll… Sorta? Or a rolled up sandwich? I’m not sure. Anyway, It was yummy. I noted the egg wash/seasoning recipe and decided to venture into my own stromboli world. Good news: Simple and yummy!

Crunchy, chewy crust + cheese + meat + veggies = The world makes sense again.

So, here’s how it works folks: You make a pizza dough, roll it out, instead of using sauce you brush it with a seasoned egg wash/olive oil mixture. Add your toppings, roll it up, and bake. So let’s start with the pizza dough.

Pizza Dough

2 cups of flour (you can use 1 cup whole wheat if you like)
1 Tbs of vital wheat gluten (use only if you use whole wheat flour, otherwise it’s not necessary)
1/2 + 2/3 cups of warm water
1 packet (2 1/4 tsp) yeast
1 1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 Tbs olive oil

If your yeast is active, you’ll want to proof it (combine 1/4 c. of the water, 1 tsp of the sugar and the yeast, and let sit for about 10 minutes, until foamy). If you have instant yeast, you don’t have to proof. Then mix everything together. I use my bread machine, and let it go through one full dough cycle. But you can easily mix this with a mixer or by hand, then let it rise until doubled.

Normally I let my doughs rise three times, but with pizza dough I usually just let it rise twice (the second time is after the toppings are on it). And! Bonus! With this dough I’ve found you can get away with mixing up the dough, letting it rise for a very short period, then putting it in a cold oven. So, lots of choices here. I had time so I let go through the entire dough cycle in the bread machine.

Then you roll out the dough into a rectangle and brush with the seasoned egg/olive oil wash.

Seasoned Egg Wash

1 egg white
1/4 c. olive oil
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp red pepper (I like stuff with a kick)
1/2 tsp Italian seasonings

My egg white, olive oil, seasonings mix. Mix it to your liking!

You can vary the seasonings any way you like. I ended up just dumping my seasonings in by site. In my opinion, you can’t really do too much of any of them except salt. And with some people, the more salt the better. So do whatever sounds good to you.

OK, so brush this generously across your dough. You only have to leave enough to brush the top once it’s rolled up.

Now add your toppings! Let your taste buds be your guide! If you put any meats on, make sure they’re fully cooked. I also cooked my veggies because I know some veggies can get kind of watery when cooked (and make everything soggy). Here’s what I put on my stromboli this time:

  • Turkey pastrami – enough slices to cover the surface area of the dough
  • One clove of garlic
  • One small white onion (diced)
  • One green pepper (diced)
  • About 6-8 large black olives (diced)
  • A handful of spinach (chopped finely)
  • A few leaves of basil, chopped
  • Smoked gouda cheese
  • Hot pepper havarti cheese

I cooked the garlic, onion, green pepper, black olives and spinach in olive oil until they were softer and most of the water had cooked out. Then made a layer of pastrami, followed by the veggie mix, followed by basil, then fresh shredded cheeses.

Am I the only person who thinks chopping veggies is therapeutic?

Sauteing garlic, onion, pepper, black olive and spinach with a little olive oil.

Here’s my sorta-rectangle shaped dough, brushed generously with the seasoned egg/olive oil wash.

And here’s how it looked with all of my toppings (minus cheese and basil, we’ll get to that in a second). I wish I’d had fresh, homegrown tomatoes!

Roll up the dough, starting from the long edge. Wet the seam to seal and place on a pan, seam side down. Then cut a few diagonal slits about 1/4 inch deep (I went down the first layer of dough, which looked nice when cooked). Then brush with the egg wash again. I let mine rise for about 20 minutes, but if you put in a cool oven you don’t have to do this.

Here it is rolled up, with the diagonal slits cut in it. After this you un-roll it to add your basil and cheese. OOPS! But, you know me, nothing’s as good as it could be without cheese. So there’s no way I wasn’t putting cheese in the thing!

I baked at 400 degrees (starting in a warm oven) for 20 minutes. I put foil on top of it for the last five minutes because I wanted to make sure the middle was done, but didn’t want the top to burn.

The result? DELICIOUS!

The finished product. It smells as good in my kitchen as this looks. Thank you sir, may I have another?

View from the top!

And from the side….

I used turkey pastrami because that’s what my mom used. And my pastrami was only OK compared to hers. She gets hers from Sam’s, but sadly I don’t have a membership. If I could go back I’d do ground beef, sausage, pepperoni or something else instead.

And if you’re an Old Chicago stromboli fan, here are some Old Chicago stromboli topping ideas!

Italian Sausage Stromboli
Spicy Italian sausage, roasted onions, peppers, Parmesan, Romano and Mozzarella cheese.

Chicago Seven Stromboli
Italian sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, red onions, mushrooms and black olives with melted Mozzarella cheese.

Vegetarian Chicago Seven Stromboli
Same as the Chicago Seven, only replace the meats with green chilies and Roma tomatoes.

Discontinued Turkey Stromboli
Roasted turkey breast, hickory-smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, ranch dressing and tomatoes.

Or, be creative and make your own! The world is your oyster. OK, maybe oysters wouldn’t be good. Or, maybe they would. What do I know?

You can dip your stromboli in marinara sauce, ranch or whatever. I actually eat mine without sauce. But if I could get the Po Boy Pizza marinara sauce I’d dip the hell out of my stromboli in that!

Update (6/27/11): Made a half white flour/half whole wheat flour with turkey pepperoni, red onion, green pepper and black olive topping stromboli. And it might have been the best thing I’ve ever made. OK, maybe the best stromboli. It was delicious. I think the trick on this was I cut my turkey pepperoni into fourths and then diced my vegetables really small. I also used 2% mozzarella cheese. So the whole thing was relatively healthy, as far as pizza-like products go, I guess.


Last time I ended up covering the stromboli with foil during the last five minutes of cooking. This time I didn’t need to do that. And after 20 minutes it was PERFECTLY browned.

“The secret’s in the sauce.” And by sauce I mean the egg/oil wash. That’s what makes this thing so good. I even ended up using a lower quality whole wheat flour on this one, and it was still delicious.

  1. Jeanette says:

    I want your stromboli…ohh that sounds dirty. I like it!

  2. Lyndsey says:

    Holy yumness that looks incredible!

  3. Kim says:

    I agree with both above comments! Yumtastic!

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