I. Love. Pizza. Growing up I was spoiled with Gambino’s pizza, especially when my sisters worked there. They have a knack for making good food amazing. But my move to east Wichita left me looking for a consistent, great place to get my pizza fix. When I very first moved into my house I think Upper Crust was open. But it closed shortly after so I never got to try it. For awhile I ate Papa Murphy’s. Economical, but I can’t explain why or how but I grew tired of them. I don’t know if their recipe changed, but my taste for them definitely did. For a span Knolla’s/Geno John’s/Air Capital Pizza moved in. And I loved going there. They always had goofy people at the counter who made every visit fun. And I LOVE their crust, sauce and toppings. YUM. Alas, they abandoned me, too.  One staple, though (aside from chain restaurants), has been Po Boy Pizza.

My ode to pizza: I love you.

Being the pizza connoisseurs we are, Karla and I tried Po Boy fairly shortly after I moved in. But for one reason or another weren’t impressed. It was a long time ago, but if I remember correctly, we thought the pizza was heavy and greasy. And because I never go into a review with the hopes of saying mean things, I didn’t intend to even put Po Boy on my list of Southeast Wichita Restaurants. However, I decided to give it another shot. Specifically because of stellar pizza roll mentions in online reviews.

Po Boy sits quietly on the southeast corner of Lincoln and Edgemoor, across the street from N&J. It’s a pretty small place with a handful of tables and booths. You order at the counter. The menu seems somewhat limited at first, with a listing of a few single topping choices, and then an option with all of the toppings (I think they call it supreme). But upon asking, we were told we could combine our toppings anyway we want. I believe there’s one price for one topping, then another price for more than one (including the specialty). For example, I ordered supreme, but Lynds only wanted veggies, so she got all of the veggies from the supreme plus tomatoes. So if there’s a combo you want, ask! I’m excited to mix up my toppings next time.

And, yes, there WILL be a next time.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. In just a few minutes we were greeted by gigantic pizza rolls. And when I say gigantic, I mean I think they literally roll out a medium size pizza crust, spread it with toppings, roll it up and cook it. They put it on an extra-long plate, and bring it to you with sauce. And, oh the sauce. I thought the sauce was DELICIOUS. The toppings were really good, and actually reminded me of old reliable, Gambino’s. The crust was cooked to perfection: Both chewy and crunchy.

And there were even arcade games. Fun, right? Anyone else having flashbacks to playing Pac Man while waiting for your food at Gambino’s? Anyone? Bueller? Too much with the Gambino’s references? Don’t worry, folks, I’ll go there someday soon for an official review. Gives me an excuse!

All in all, I’m going back to this place. I can’t help but think this could be the greatest hangover food, ever. Or for those responsible people who don’t get hangovers, it’s a great value. And I’m not a person who thinks great tasting stuff has to be expensive, or that because it’s cheap and you get a lot (read: buffets) it’s instantly on my “must haves” list. I loved the pizza. Loved the service. And (earmuffs, Po Boy owners!) would have paid more. So a great value for great food.

I fear this could be the end to my reign in non-elastic pants.

Oh, and I have every intention of trying their pizza again. I assume they use the same crust for their pizza as they do their rolls. If all else fails, I’m pleased with having such a great pizza rolls option.

Arcade games! Yippee! No, there’s not Pac Man. Sad face.

Pizza roll. Yes, gigantic, right? I see you, sauce. And I just wanna dance with you.

Rule #2 of Zombieland – Double Tap.

I didn’t feel like the two pictures above accurately captured the deliciousness of the crust. So, here’s my attempt to honor it in all its glory.

Po Boy on Urbanspoon

  1. Lyndsey says:

    On a related note, not all Gambinos are created equal. I went to the one in El Dorado today. Still better than Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, etc. But not as good as our dear Colwich Gambinos, nor the Marion one which is every bit as good as the one in Ctown.

    • Kelly says:

      Yep, I agree (on the Gambino’s thing). But small town/family owned somehow almost always tastes better than chains. I’m not sure why? Maybe because the chain stuff is packaged for consistency rather than made fresh? Who knows. The magic of un-synergy, I guess.

      I figured everyone knew I was speaking of the Colwich Gambino’s. If not, I was.

  2. Kim says:

    There is NO pizza like Gambinos… And I do think it’s because it’s family owned and operated! Yum! Oh, I am so sad I won’t get to taste this.. Well, or even sad that if I do get to taste it it won’t be for a while. Yum! This looks so absolutely good! I may even have Rocky run to the east side on Friday and have him pick us up some of those bad boys! Yum! Thank goodness this place is not right down the street from us!

    • Kelly says:

      Lucky for you…. Unlucky for me. Yikes. Mark this as a turning point in my life when I ask in six months how I got so fat!

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