Better Than Ezra at The Sedgwick County Zoo!

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I know this isn’t food-related, but I was surprised how few people knew the Sedgwick County Zoo has concerts regularly in the summer. Most summers they have at least one big show (generally the last show of the summer). A few years back Karla and I went to Sister Hazel, and I think it’s the best concert or live music I’ve ever been to. So when I saw Better Than Ezra was playing there I really wanted to go. I mean, really, really, really.

My pictures and videos aren’t great. They’re not even good. I didn’t take any pictures or videos once I got up in the crowd because I wanted to enjoy the concert more than take pictures or videos… Yeah, I’m selfish. Sorry.

My point: They were AWESOME. If you get the chance, zoo concerts are the best. Laid back, chill, legit. And cheap! Tickets were $12! ($15 at the door that night.) And beer’s cheap. Can’t beat $3 bottles. And there’s food, other drinks (water, soda, etc.). The bands are laid back. And the crowd’s fun. GO!

There’s a lot of room for close seating, and they always leave room in front of that for the crowd to stand.

Their introduction speech. And this is as much as my phone recorded before it shut off. Sorry.

And this is them talking about other places they’ve played. They were lots of fun between each song. And came back for an encore, and got people from the crowd involved. I’m not really into bands who take themselves too seriously. So this is right up my alley.

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