I Love Books-To-Go!

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Northeast Wichita, Store
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I’m sure everyone’s heard of it, but if not, check out Books-To-Go before you buy your textbooks directly from your university bookstore. I just bought mine for $50-$70 cheaper per USED BOOK (than the used price at the bookstore). Hey, every dolla you save is a dolla to spend on beer, right?

You can order your books online, but if one of yours isn’t listed or a used on isn’t listed give them a call. They can verify whether what’s listed online is updated (as the start of the semester nears, they’re getting in shipments all the time so online isn’t always updated). And they’ve even told me in the past when they expect to get their next shipment of that (or any) books so I can call back.

Then they pull the books you need, hold them under your name, and you can either drive through and pick them up or walk in. Everything’s ready for you, you don’t have to search for anything, AND it’s cheaper. How does this happen?

For some reason their phone number isn’t listed on their site. But I promise they’ll be nice if you call: 316.685.2665.

And it always helps if you have your section numbers ready when you call. I also keep the title of the book handy so I can verify they have everything I need before I get there.

  1. Kim says:

    WHAT??? You can just drive thru now? I had no idea! How amazingly convenient!

    • Kelly says:

      It’s a whole new store, Kim! It’s this gigantic store. There are more than four parking places. There’s lots of room. AND there’s the drive-thru. You no longer feel like you have to back out onto the corner of 17th and Hillside. It’s legit.

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