Anyone who knows me know I love Mexican food. Moreover, I LOVE cheese dip or queso or whatever you want to call that melty, creamy, cheesy goodness Mexican restaurants serve. I may or may not consider myself a connoisseur. But I definitely like all things cheese. So when Jeanette suggested Mexican fair, margaritas included, I was in. Hey, she says you’re either in or you’re in the way. Get outta my way, because I’m in. We finally settled on El Mexico Cafe. I’ve only been once. She’s a virgin. Get ready South Seneca, we’re coming!

Mmmmmm… Fried flour taco with beef y mucho queso? Si, senorita!

I already knew I was craving a margarita and our waitress was pleased to inform us their margaritas were tasty so we ordered those right up. As well as a bowl of cheese dip. They bring two bottles of salsa to the table with chips. The red bottle is hot. The clear bottle, not-so-hot. Jeanette calls it ketchup. I almost always mix the hot salsa with the mild. For some reason I think it gives me the best of both worlds and more flavor. And not just here, at most restaurants that bring out both. Depending on the heat factor in the hot, I vary my mixing proportions. Here was about 75% hot, 25% mild. And muy perfecto, I must say.

We ended up with the big bowl of cheese dip (rather than their smaller order). Normally I’m pleased. But put a footnote on that. Mongoose speeds will thwart our effort to down considerable amounts of cheese. Good for my digestive system, bad for the best value for our money.

I immediately zoned in on any meal with a cheese enchilada with cheese sauce. I know that sounds utterly disgusting, and you’re not the only one wondering how I ever take a shit. Jeanette pointed that out as well. But, come on. I love cheese. My mom said when I was a kid I’d only eat stuff covered in cheese or if pop (mainly cola, but I wasn’t super-picky as long as it wasn’t diet chocolate soda my grandpa occasionally had) was offered as incentive. My love of cheese is ingrained in me. It’s not going away. I try to limit my cheese intake to eating out, but let’s be real. Some people eat copious amounts of chocolate. I don’t care for anything chocolate flavored. So don’t be too hateful. But I will be honest. If you don’t love cheese, don’t get the cheese enchilada with cheese sauce.

Ultimately I selected the Single Combo, which had said cheese enchilada, a taco and a tostada. I asked for everything flour (an upcharge is involved). I LOVE me some fried flour tacos. An obsession I blame squarely on Karla. But I’m not bitter. Delicious. And after consulting with the waitress, Jeanette finally decided on the Monterrey for her dish.

We sat back to enjoy our margaritas, chips, salsa and cheese dip, but it with “quick like a mongoose” speed our meals were out! Well done, El Mexico! I mean, I was sad to not get a lot of cheese dippin’ in, but I’d rather have my food come out fast than gorge myself too much on chips only to continue to gorge myself on the meal.

My food was nothing short of delicious. The flour shells on both the taco and tostada were fried to perfection. Lots of lettuce and cheese are a must for me. And I always top with extra salsa. The cheese enchilada was also delicious. Although there were beans in the sauce I didn’t remember from my past trip. It doesn’t mean they weren’t there. But I just remembered a plain cheese sauce.

Jeanette said her meal had “moments of perfection.” Meaning all of the cheesy, beany, porky, sour creaminess melded into perfect bites. But also had moments where she felt like she was eating just pork. The good news is the perfect bites caused her to speak with an accent. Which makes everything better.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed both trips to El Mexico Cafe. I definitely recommend all of the stuff I’ve had from the tacos and tostadas to the margaritas, cheese dip and salsa. I’d even recommend the enchilada with cheese sauce to the cheesiest contenders. I think Jeanette would eat the Moneterrey again, but suspect she might try other menu items instead.

After dinner our margaritas worked well enough we decided to continue the night down the street at Whiskey Dicks. Stay tuned for that review!

Margaritas with a special nectar cavern. Drink directly out of it (where your straw is conveniently placed) and you’re sure to get a straight shot of tequila. Mmmm papi!

I would seriously hit up this place for chips, queso and salsa. Well, with a beer or margarita, of course. Delicious.

The Monterrey. Yu’re witnessing moments of perfection. Sour cream was ordered on the side, but I believe a must-have for this dish. And don’t worry, plenty of cheesy goodness lies beneath the shroud of lettuce.

Fried flour beef taco and tostada. Perfection, fried. Fresh grated cheese is my favorite. Well, favorite meaning my favorite cheese on this plate…. But it’s definitely preferred to some chain food’s obviously bagged cheese.

It doesn’t look as good as it tastes. But it has beans or something in the sauce I don’t remember being there last time. Would I still eat this again? Yes. Would I ask for it sans-beans if possible? Probably.


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  1. Lynds says:

    When (not if, when) I fall off the healthy eating wagon, I think this would be a fine choice!

  2. […] place on the corner of Seneca and Walker. Not too far from Whiskey Dicks. And a quick jaunt from El Mexico Cafe. We weren’t sure where to go in, but found the entrance on the north side of the building. It […]

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