I anticipating the opening of  Bossa Grill since I first read it would offer Brazilian food. I don’t know anything about food from Brazil, but Brazilians offer a nice wax, so I had high expectations.  I found their website and a preview of the restaurant on kansas.com. One mention of cheese stuffed chicken and I knew we had to go, post haste!


My pre-eating initial impressions:

First, their website looks really good, but I became frustrated when I couldn’t get the menu to work. I know they  have bigger fish to fry (literally) than dealing with their website during opening week. I like that every dish appears to have a picture. I’m a picture kind of girl. I hope they work out the bugs soon!

Second, I found them both on Twitter and Facebook. I like to to follow local restaurants for specials or new menu items.

Third, through all of this buildup, I expected to be let down.

I. Was. Wrong.

Their menu is displayed on three flat screen TVs. Unlike Tsubasa (a restaurant also new to Wichita), we received a very friendly greeting and thorough explanation of how the restaurant works and all of the menu items. I’m loving this already! Yes, I would like you to hold my hand and walk me through this menu. Yes, I would like you to explain every single side dish to me. And yes, I WILL take your recommendations. I’m serious about eating. I want to make the best choice!

What did I choose?

I couldn’t stop thinking about that stuffed chicken, which is called Bossa Nova Chicken. And it’s officially described as a “breaded chicken filet stuffed with aromatic herbs and cheese.” The menu’s recommended sides were a Caesar salad and steamed white rice.

However, during the explanation of sides and whatnot, I heard something about potatoes. Mashed and in four cheese sauce. I decided, of course, on the four cheese sauce potatoes. Also known as Parizzi Potatoes. I asked for a recommendation on the second side, and took it: Medley Greek Rice (“white rice with diced ham, peas, carrots and raisins”).

Erik also ordered the Bossa Nova Chicken. He paired his with the Medley Greek Rice and Fettuccine with Four Cheese Sauce. Cliff ordered the Ipanema Beef, which is “bacon-wrapped grilled beef medallions topped with Ipanema sauce (marsala sauce and green pepper grained).”  For sides he chose Caesar salad, as recommended on the menu, and the Greek rice.

After ordering we helped ourselves to the soda fountains and got forks, knives, straws, napkins and salt and pepper. Then picked a table and put our numbers on the display stand. Our food arrived very quickly. When I cut into the chicken the aroma… Oh, for the love of all things good and cheesy, the aroma. It was amazing. I could have died. Well, let’s not get crazy. I mean I hadn’t even tasted it, yet.

The taste was just as delicious. I could definitely taste rosemary and cream cheese, but am not sure what else was in the mix. It was very rich, though. There was no way I could have finished it.

I was actually surprised I liked the Greek rice. See, this is why you try new things and take people’s suggestions! My four cheese potatoes were just OK. I added salt and pepper hoping for something, but they tasted a little bland. Erik had a similar sauce on this fettuccine, but he really liked it. So I’m not sure what was going on there. He also liked his Bossa Nova Chicken and Greek rice.

Cliff said all of his food was good, and he compared the Greek rice to fried rice. Only the Greek rice isn’t fried. And there’s no soy sauce. I think that’s a fair description. He said his Ipanema Beef was cooked well, had good flavor and was a perfect portion for lunch. But for dinner he would have been disappointed with the serving size.

All-in-all this was one of the best places I’ve been in a long time. Are Brazilian waxes scary? Absolutely. This food, though, is not intimidating at all. I noticed their website said their food is adapted to please the “American palate.” I agree. I wasn’t surprised by many of the dish descriptions. I didn’t feel like they were anything out of the ordinary. I don’t know much about Brazilian food, but I suspect their adaptations are making the dishes more “American” (whatever that means) than Brazilian. But hey, I support any restaurant with so many cheese choices!

Speaking of cheese, after we ordered I noticed a “Cubos Provolone” appetizer, which is “four cubes of fried provolone with Leblon sauce (orange, mustard and honey).” Next time, I’m getting this.

Other dishes I’d like to try (since their website isn’t up, I thought this would be helpful):

  • Buzios Fish – “Grilled fish topped with shrimp, mushrooms, tomato and capers sauteed in olive oil.” – The only reason I didn’t order fish today was I’m not sure what “grilled fish” means. I’ve never heard of generic fish other than fish sticks. I thought the same thing about the Gorgonzola Fish (which is “grilled fish filet” topped in Gorgonzola sauce). Anyone out there know what kind of fish this is?
  • Leme Chicken – “Bacon-wrapped grilled chicken medallions topped with a duet of Gorgonzola and Marsala sauce.” Um… Yum.
  • Angra Fettuccine – “Fettuccine with diced chicken, ham, tomato, fresh peas, all topped with our four cheese sauce.”

Except for pasta and salad dishes, all of the meals come with two sides. I’ll definitely get the Greek rice again, but I’m also interested in these sides:

  • Bossa Mashed Potatoes – “Mashed potatoes with garlic, bacon and chives”
  • Side Copa – “Mixed lettuce with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and blackberry-mustard dressing”
  • And I think the fettuccine with either the four cheese sauce like Erik had or their tomato sauce would be good paired with a salad (like the Side Copa listed) and any of the meat dishes.
  • Piamontese Rice – “Creamy cheese rice” – Again, back to my cheesy roots!

There are also kids meals and desserts as well as beer and wine. The desserts are black chocolate, white chocolate and “dois amores” (which is a mix of the two) brigadeiro. I’m not normally a dessert girl, but of course I wanted to know what this was. According to “What’s Cooking” brigadeiro is Brazilian fudge. OK, now I’m a little interested in trying the white fudge…

Alright, fellow Wichitans, that’s my long-winded Bossa Grill review. I know when a new place opens, I’d personally rather have a long review than one where I’m left not knowing whether I’d like it. I hope this helps.

Oh, and it’s quick. So perfect for lunch!

Bottom line: DELICIOUS! Maybe not authentic Brazilian food. But delicious none the less.

This gives you an idea of how the restaurant is setup/decorated. You serve yourself drinks and get your own silverwear, condiments, napkins, etc. The kitchen is semi-open so you can watch them cook (which I like). Just to the right is the counter where you order.

Bossa Nova Chicken, Greek rice, fettuccine with four cheese sauce

Bossa Nova Chicken, Greek rice, Parizzi Potatoes

Close up of the Medley Greek Rice – Who knew ham, carrots, peas, and raisins would be good together?

Parizzi Potatoes – The bacon was cooked to a perfect crunch. I REALLY wanted to like these bad boys.

Inside of the most delicious stuffed, breaded chicken I have ever had. But how can you go wrong when cheese and breading is involved? Well, I’m sure you can, but you get the point. Yu-hum!

Impanema Beef, Greek rice, Caesar salad

Bossa Grill on Urbanspoon

  1. Lynds says:

    UM, yeah. When you go back, I’m coming with. YUM

    • Kelly says:

      Yes! We’ll have to go soon! Did you notice I “spoke” in Portuguese in that first picture? It’s Portuguese for “Yummy!” :-) Well, “yummy” probably doesn’t officially translate to a specific word, but it’s similar.

  2. Lynds says:

    Let’s make a date! Apetitoso!

  3. Kim says:

    I agree! This looks amazing! But, I would have totally gone with Erik’s choice! And I bet I would have loved it!

    • Kelly says:

      So you mean his fettuccine over my potatoes? Yeah, that looked really good. The sides menu wasn’t working and there are tons of sides so I didn’t even remember fettuccine when I got up there. But I think the cheesy rice also sounds good. Who would suspect, me wanting cheese? ;-)

  4. Jill says:

    My husband and I honeymooned in Rio de Janiero and we were very excited to see this restaurant come to Wichita. We are going to try it tonight…can’t wait!

  5. Jana says:

    Bossa Grill is closed. We ate there once, and were pleasantly surprised, too.

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