Shopaholic: Lucky Market – 7100 E. Harry

Posted: July 13, 2010 in 67207, Asian Market, Store
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After my dinner at To Chau, I thought I’d like to try to make spring rolls and drunken noodles (in an attempt to use up some of the red Thai dragon peppers I’m growing). I wandered into Lucky Market and hit the jackpot. Who knew such places exist in Wichita? Well, I knew there were Asian markets, I just had no idea they were so big! (That’s what she said.) Fair disclaimer: Most packages are prominently in languages I don’t speak/read, but if you take time to look there’s also English.

I went in looking for rice wrappers and noodles for spring rolls. And dark soy sauce, golden mountain sauce, and wide rice stick noodles for drunken noodles. I found the rice wrappers pretty easily. And after some wandering found the soy sauce. Who knew there was more than just simply soy sauce? And for every variation of soy sauce there were several brands… Sheesh! Luckily, the golden mountain sauce was in the same section, so I checked that off the list with the dark soy sauce.

I also found beef pho paste, to make the base broth for pho. Yippee! I’ve looked at pho recipes in the past, and they are way too intense for me. Both the ingredients and the process. I obviously don’t mind going out for pho because it’s reasonably priced, but sometimes I want to eat later than restaurants are open. I went ahead and bought it. And I was off to the noodle section.

Yes, there’s an entire noodle section. And yes, I was overwhelmed.

Surprisingly, noodles were reasonably priced. But there were so many options, so many sizes, so many everything. This is a nightmare for an indecisive girl. I stood there for probably 20 minutes and ultimately picked a package at random.

I went back a second time after having udon noodle soup (restaurant review to come), and could NOT find udon noodles to save my life. I found some packaged stuff, including the soup base (similar to Ramen Noodles) but that’s not what I wanted. I want to make my own broth.

And on a side note, and also an upcoming drunken noodle recipe post, I actually needed thick black soy sauce, not dark soy sauce. I found that pretty easily on the second trip since I already knew where the soy sauce was. So clearly the learning curve is pretty respectable.

Overall, I LOVE this store! It inspires me to cook more and try more things! There are dry foods, there are fresh vegetables and fruits. You can buy items in bulk, but also have the option of smaller packages for single girls like me. There is fresh meat as well as frozen. And a huge refrigerator section for things I wouldn’t even know how to begin to appreciate. I also randomly came across some spicy mayonnaise and because of it have added sushi to my list of things I want to make. I am now on the hunt for sticky/sushi brown rice. And I know I need nori. I already know I can get tuna at The Seafood Shop.

Who knew cooking would turn into such an adventure?

Stay tuned for attempts at these recipe reviews:

  1. Lyndsey says:

    I would be happy to taste test your attempt at spicy tuna rolls, if you need more opinions =)

  2. Kelly says:

    You’re on! I’m a little scared of food poisoning, I won’t lie. And I kind of want to work on a vegetarian roll (I’m thinking cucumbers, green onions, avocado) with the spicy tuna sauce. That way I can make it without having to get the tuna. Not that I mind buying it, but it’s not something I’d have on hand all the time.

    I’m still looking for brown sushi rice. And I have to buy nori (which I’ve seen lots of places). So once I get the rice, I’ll holler at ya!

  3. Becca says:

    I’ve been on a spring roll kick lately as well. Like you, I had them at a restaurant, loved them, and tried to make them at home. I’ve found they aren’t that hard to make. In mine I put cucumber, spinach, avocado, green onion, shredded or stick carrots, and a little chicken from the deli. I found what I think is the exact Sweet Chili sauce ( that the restaurant served them with..I found it @ Hy-Vee. This is what mine ended up looking like:

    They’re so good, I eat them as a meal instead of an appetizer! Good luck!

  4. Kelly says:

    Um, yummy! And I never even thought to put avocados in them! That sounds delicious! I made mine with lettuce, pho noodles (because the ones I had had noodles in them and, well, I love noodles), carrots, bell peppers and cucumbers. I marinated the veggies in a little olive oil with salt and pepper and red pepper. And then rolled that along with the noodles up. I definitely missed the substance meat gave the rolls. But deli chicken’s a great idea, too! YUM! Now I wanna make more!

  5. Amira Soliman says:

    I love Lucky Market. It pretty much has everything i need, fresh calamari & chickens that havent been shot up with stuff to be “hulk”. I cldnt find a way on ur site to send u message so…Off the subject, try Passage to India and Desi Curry for indian food and also Asia Bazaar for market of middle eastern & Indian products. All of the places are on 21st street, north of Oliver st. Have fun checking them out! I know I did and they are great!

    • Kelly says:

      I guess I don’t have a way to send a message on here, huh? Thanks for the info! The guys at work got an itch for Indian food not too long ago, and just like that it was gone. But I still want to try it. I’ll definitely take some of your recommendations.

      And I’ll check out those other markets. A few friends and I get together occasionally to make dinner (and drink wine!) and when it’s my turn I’m trying to decide which type of food I want to make. So this will definitely expand my horizons of possibilities.

      And I never even thought to try to get chickens without hormones at Lucky Market! What a great suggestion! (I’ve cut way back on my meat consumption since I watched Food Inc. I’m sure I’m a follower for doing that, but it’s kind of scary!)

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