As I encroached on the final leg of Patio Quest 2010, I was a little nostalgic. Nostalgic both for the days when my life hadn’t revolved around sitting on patios, and for the less humid spring weather. It’s been a pretty fun haul, though. So without further adieu, our west Wichita patios!

Old Chicago (2240 N Tyler Rd, 67205)
Staying true to the Old Town and east Wichita reviews, Old Chicago is once again a good patio choice. Service is prompt and friendly. The patio’s clean, and tables are covered with umbrellas. An added bonus is the west location’s patio is on the west side of the building so you can enjoy the sunset.

On the Border (2347 North Maize Road, 67205)
One thing I’ve found nice in the Kansas wind is OTB’s covered patio wraps around the building so you can protect yourself from the elements somewhat by choosing the least exposed section. Along with the nice arrangement of the patio, you’ll also get prompt service, a variety of oft-on-special margaritas, and some of the coldest beer I’ve ever had. Who besides me sighs at the sight of beer crystals?

Blu Night Club (8715 West Maple Street, 67209)
Patio Quest was my excuse to hit up Blu for the first time. I’d heard they had a good patio, but wasn’t prepared for how cool it actually was. It’s by far the biggest patio we’ve hit on the west side. There’s a full service bar, including seats to belly up to the bar. There is both a covered area of the patio, and a more open area with shade from trees and umbrellas. You can even throw a penny in the wishing fountain. Or, in my case, throw it in the general direction and miss. I’ve never had much luck with wishes anyway. Once night falls, the area’s lit up by tiki torches, and the music outside comes from the DJ playing inside. I was also excited to see the makings of a beer pong game. There were only two discouraging parts of Blu. First, they charge for water. I like to stay hydrated on warm summer nights while drinking adult beverages, and this didn’t encourage that mantra. And second, there was a little bit of a “if you don’t like it, get the hell out” attitude by either a “regular” or someone who works there who wasn’t working that night. Her attitude alone will likely keep me away permanently… But she’ll probably be pleased to know that.

Felipe’s (445 S 119th Street West, 67235)
I love Felipe’s patio. It’s really relaxing, and the view and ambiance is great because of the water. There are two patio areas. A general patio on the south side of the building, and a more private area on the west side, which I think is used mainly for large groups and private parties. The servers at Felipe’s are some of my favorite because they have great senses of humor. And you can’t talk Felipe’s without mentioning the Flaming Cazuela. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a delicious 50 ounce (for a single) mix of vodka, rum, tequila , fruit juice and fresh fruit. The rind of one of the fruit peels is splashed with what I believe is Bacardi 151 and lit on fire for a dramatic presentation. The drink is served in a clay cooking bowl called a cazuela, which is where the name “Flaming Cazuela” comes from. If you haven’t tried one, I think it’s a must-do for any Wichitan. Fair warning: It’s a lot of alcohol.

Dudley’s Sports Bar (8550 W 21st Street North, 67205)
I’ll admit, I am in awe of Dudley’s 2-4-1 Fridays. So you add a patio into the mix, and I’m sold. The patio’s covered and offers a fair amount of space for seating. During the cooler months the patio’s closed off and space heaters are used. My only complaint about Dudley’s is their bathrooms, or lack thereof. During slower times the bathrooms suffice, but get into the later hours on a busy day and you’ll spend a fair amount of time waiting.

Granite City (2661 North Maize Road, 67205)
When a microbrewery, a patio and live music come together in perfect harmony, life is good. I’m not sure how often GC has live music, but the Wednesday I was there it was a nice touch of ambiance. And the water beside the patio makes for a decent view. The patio wraps around the building and offers a nice amount of seating.  My only concern with GC is their floors inside the building. If you’re patio sitting, you only encounter them on your way to the bathroom, but I swear they’re the slickest floors in Wichita. Watch your step, especially after a few Two Pulls.

Players (6200 W 21st Street North, 67205)
I’ve only had the pleasure of visiting Player’s patio one time, and it was during a private party. The few times I tried to make it out there since, I’ve been told it’s reserved for a private party. From what I remember, it’s a nice setup. They have the biggest TV I’ve seen outside, and there’s lots of space for sitting. During our private party we had to go inside the banquet room to get our drinks, and the bathrooms are a decent walk, but well worth it. The patio sits on the back side of the building and away from the street, so it’s quiet. I wish I could make it there more often!

Oasis (4121 W Maple St, 67209)
Oasis is one of those bars that feel like everyone knows everyone, but you’re not treated like an outsider. Fast, friendly service and fairly priced drinks is all we need in this cold, cruel world. Plus, Oasis has one thing (besides their famous burgers) worth going for: shuffle board. Although it’s not located on the patio, some of my friends like to play, which means I have the option of sitting on the patio to wait my turn.  And since I seem to be infatuated with talking about restrooms, I’d like to take a moment to recognize Oasis’ newly remodeled ones. I like.

Well, that’s it! The Quest is officially over. It’s been fun but unfortunately it’s been almost unbearably humid lately. However, on a day where the weather’s right, I hope this list helps you find the perfect fit for your patio sitting needs!

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